Identity Solutions for Modern Humans

zkHumans is a decentralized protocol for secure and private programmable identity with cross-organizational utility using Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Crypto-Biometrics.

Powering Decentralized Civilization

Using the latest technologies in privacy and security, zkHumans is building Web3 infrastructure and Network State services to unlock a new era of economic innovation and collective prosperity.


Leading-edge privacy and security. Eliminate organizational liability by not storing or transmiting sensitive data. Enable selective disclosure to drive AI-powered intelligence without compromising privacy.


Authentication credentials never leave a user's device. Biometrics optional. Bring-Your-Own-Device. Finally, a biometric solution that is not creepy!


Powered by Mina Protocol's recursive ZK Proofs; on-chain, off-chain, and cross-chain verifications provide scalability and compatibility across blockchain ecosystems.


Individuals and Organizations own their data. No centralized third parties.


Proof of Unique & Living Human powered by Humanode. Increase uniqueness probability with biometric fusion.

Open Architecture

Flexible future-forward architecture. Use common protocol and custom context specifics.

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Utility & Use Cases

Extending digital identity for individuals to collective identity with features.

Decentralized Identity

Prove ownership of an enhanced digital identifier using Multi-Factor Auth without revealing auth factors or any Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

Access Management

Prove authorized access without revealing (or selectively disclose) credentials using programmable private Attributes-Based Access Control.


Prove inclusion (or exclusion) within collectives of collectives without revealing which individual and/or which collective. Paid memberships and user roles.


Prove attributes of an individual or collective without revealing which individual or sensitive info. Facilitate private anti-fraud; KYC, AML, SBT.


Prove polled voting and collective sentiment without revealing votes of individuals. DAO Governance, delegate representation infrastructure, Quadratic Voting.


Facilitate ownership of digital and real-world assets by individuals and collectives with private programmable conditions, monetization, and terms of use.

Decentralized Storage

Use the ZK:KV Zero-Knowledge Key-Value Store for public yet secret data; fully decentralized and distributed, database agnostic.


No bots!
One Human = One Vote.
One Collective = One Vote.

Biometric Auth

Eliminate lost or stolen crypto wallet keys! You are your key...
Bio-authorize transactions and declare ownership of assets.

Multi-Factor Auth

Authenticate using one or more factors depending on the context. Extendable protocol includes biometrics, hardware keys, crypto wallets, passphrases, and more.


Enhance Zero-Trust Architecture with privacy-centric identity and auth verification enabling dynamic, fine-grained access decisions and cross-domain collaborations.

UBI & Airdrops

Facilitate Universal Basic Income, economic basis, and fair token distributions. Manage collective resources with Quadratic funding.


Provide an alternative to captchas for preventing DoS attacks. Sign human-generated digital content.


Enhance gaming with cheat-proof Play-to-Earn, fair loyalty programs, private age verification, secure in-game assets, and innovative multiplayer features.

Sovereign Economics

Instigate global change with programmable Sovereign Economics independent from other markets and exchange rate influence.

Cyber Security

Prevent data breaches and identity theft. Verify ZK Proofs without storing or transmitting sensitive data. Reduce risk due to compromised intermediaries.


Demonstrate compliance of policy and/or regulation without revealing sensitive information. Use functional biometrics without collection or storage.

Secured Intelligence

Increase transparency with selective data access without revealing private details. Train AI, support audits, and super-charge real-time operational awareness.